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Power in the City coming soon!

The way that climate change is spoken about in the media and by experts can seem a bit dry, abstract and doesn’t feel like it relates to you and me or where we live.

What can we actually do? Well, as it turns out – quite a bit!

Power in the City features authentic voices, places and stories showing the every-day and on-the-ground ways that people are responding to the climate emergency from within their own neighbourhoods. It’s about all the low carbon things we already do in our communities – knowingly or not.

This, our first series, is based in Oldham.

We talk about walking, the sun and the wind, how to make our homes more cosy, about good local work and doing things together.

Together, let’s inspire concrete action and good conversations about climate change by sharing how everyday people are making a difference already.

You’ll hear about a cycling Imam and a walking hairdresser, how climate change activism can move through your stomach, about the millions the sun could make for Oldham and many different pairs of walking boots.


Power in the City is produced by Carbon Coop and funded by the Electricity North West Powering our Communities Fund, ICLEI Action Fund and UCL Grand Challenges.

Concept: Britt Jurgensen and Hannah Knox

Episode production and research: Britt Jurgensen, Hannah Knox, Melissa Kelly Shore and Alex King

Sound design and postproduction: Barry Han

Artwork by Roy McCarthy

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