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Community leaders set new direction for oldham’s transition to zero carbon

After 18 months of diagnostic, learning and action today, the Oldham Energy Futures community leaders are releasing two ground-breaking Community-Led Energy Plans (CLEPs), are setting out the priorities and actions local people believe are needed to initiate the transition to a zero carbon Oldham.  With decisive action on climate change failing to emerge and further … Read more

A new Energy Advice service for Westwood

After months of hardwork, the Westwood pilot group are gearing up to launch their new energy advice service for Winter 2022. The idea for setting up a local energy advice service came directly out of the workshop conversations. The process unveiled a pressing need to address the poor energy efficiency of local homes, high levels … Read more

Solar energy dreams in Sholver

Over the past five months, the Sholver group have been pursuing their ambitions to support new community-owned solar projects to emerge in their neighbourhood and wider Oldham. Here they share an update on what they’ve managed to achieve during their time working on the pilot project and plans for the future. Getting started During discussions … Read more

Councillor Jabbar and Surjan hold a copy of the Local Energy Action Plan for Westwood Oldham in front of Oldham Energy Futures Team members

Celebrations and reflections in the neighbourhoods

With the seed-funded pilot projects established, the workshops finished, and the community-led action plans approved by the neighbourhood groups, the Oldham Energy Futures participants came together for a final time to celebrate and share the outcomes within the local community.

Oldham Energy Stories

Explore the hidden beauty of Sholver’s Millennium Green as we join trustee John, allotment holder Deborah and frequent visitors to learn about the history of the green, the wildlife that shares the space and their hopes for its future use.

Kickstarting community-led activity

Reading time: 5 mins The groups have settled on three priority community-led projects aiming to initiate a local low-carbon transition. Energy advice in Westwood The Westwood group has set its sites on setting up a weekly one-to-one energy advice drop-in based at the Millennium Centre. Three pressing issues for the local community influenced the decision … Read more

Crunch time: The closing workshops

With the pilot projects selected, conversations turned to how best to share the lessons learned with the wider community. The Westwood and Sholver groups have between 10 – 14 members with new knowledge of energy issues and how change could happen. How could they build on this base to skill up, involve more local people and increase their influence?

Info Guide: In the smart home… Heat Pumps

With talk of junking new gas boilers by 2025 and incentives thanks to the new Green Homes Grants, Heat Pumps are very much the low carbon alternative people of the moment! At Carbon Co-op, we’ve seen inquiries go through the roof in the last few months but it’s worth getting to grips with the technology before diving in.