page title icon Benefits for Oldham

Oldham Energy Futures aims to deliver the following 9 benefits for Sholver, Westwood and the wider community

Two local energy plans

visual showcasing each neighbourhood’s vision of what a decarbonised & resilient local heat, electricity and transport system could look like, also know as a LEAP

Seed funded projects

like home-improvements to create warmer, healthier and low-carbon homes; EV and e-bikes local mobility project or newly installed renewable energy generation.

Clear benefits for local people

baked into the Local Energy Action Plans, like warmer homes, lower bills, greener ways of travelling, better health and new jobs.

New skills held locally

by the local energy champions and the surrounding community.

Bespoke energy & planning expertise

on hand to support the local energy community groups in order to meet their aims

Online hub

unique webpage acting as a depository of information captured during the workshop processes. It will also include solar, energy efficiency and low carbon transport data sets that can also be used to support Oldham’s Council’s planning processes.

Local economy spending

project spending on workshops, events and educational activities channeled into local venues, caterers and businesses.

Tools & visuals

including workshop plans and data driven visuals enabling other communities to develop their own local energy action plans.

Showcase Oldham’s Green New Deal

Oldham Council’s existing people-centered approach showcased through the project’s connections and communications.

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