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Andreas Jaeger


Hi, I’m Andreas. My background is in architecture and urban planning. Most of my time is committed to EU-funded sustainable building and spatial planning projects, but also involved in international processes (EU Covenant of Mayors, international initiatives GlobalABC and COP / Glasgow activities). I am looking forward to participating in this project and am very interested in learning about – and jointly reflecting on -community-level sustainability actions!

Jacqui Shaw

First Choice Homes

Hi, I’m the head of Asset Strategy at First Choice Homes, Oldham.  Having recently written a sustainability and asset management strategy for First Choice, I’m interested in how others engage residents in reducing their carbon footprint and working with other organisations that are looking to meet SAP and CO2 targets.

Kate Gilmartin

NW Energy Hub

I’ve been working in Renewable energy since completing my MSc at the Centre for Alternative Technology in 2010 and I’ve been actively involved in Community Energy during this period. I believe Community owned renewable energy assets not only help us move to democratisation of energy, but will be a key part of engaging & enabling communities to transition to Net Zero.

Kate De Selincourt


Hi, I’m based in the Forest of Dean in the South West. I’m a journalist / technical writer specialising in sustainable building and healthy buildings. I am currently writing a report for the Passivhaus Trust on the benefits of low energy buildings with a large section on health. I have also retrofitted my own house.

Muzamil Khan

Oldham Council

Hi, I’m Muz and I’m from Oldham. I’m currently working for Oldham Council as a COVID19 Programme Support Officer. Previous to this, I worked on and supported a wide range of green projects across Oldham as part of the council’s Green Dividend initiative. As part of this, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of community groups across Oldham including Oldham Community Power. I am really excited to see what this project brings to Oldham and the environment.

Renata Tyszczuk

University of Sheffield

Hi, I am a Prof of Architectural humanities at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield- my research, public engagement and teaching projects are all about cultural/societal responses to climate change and energy transitions. I  was involved in the AHRC funded  Stories of Change project on energy transformations working with communities involved in industry (Midlands), policy (London) and local neighbourhoods. (S.Wales)

Jonty Leibowitz

Hi, I live in Manchester and used to work at CLES on strategies to build community wealth in local economies. I love Carbon Coop and this project because energy is our shared inheritance and should be run for people not profit!

Rachel Coxcoon

Climate Guide

Hello, I’m Rachel Coxcoon, from Climate Guide. Also an elected member and Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Forward Planning for Cotswold District Council. I’m interested in the project as it uses a lot of the deliberative community engagement processes I’ve been working on over the years for community engagement in the energy system.

Jez Hall

Shared Future

I’m Jez, Live in South Manchester. Shared Future does work on deliberative democracy, participatory budgeting and the social economy. So practical ways to empower residents. We are running a number of climate related citizen assemblies at the moment, as well as projects linked to developing local social economy networks, and youth led policy-making.

Helen Segrave

Electricity North West

Hi, I’m the Community Energy Manager from Electricity North West, a distribution network operator (DNO).  I’m interested in supporting this project and learning about it to see what can be used to support other communities in the North West.

Other members

Afsheen Rashid (Repowering London), Felix Wight (Repowering London), Agamemnon Otero (Repowering London), Katie Finney (Amity), Councillor Ruji Surjan (Oldham Council)

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