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Crunch time: The closing workshops

With the pilot projects selected, conversations turned to how best to share the lessons learned with the wider community. The Westwood and Sholver groups have between 10 – 14 members with new knowledge of energy issues and how change could happen. How could they build on this base to skill up, involve more local people and increase their influence?

Workshop 6: The Westwood way of doing things

Workshop 6: Imagining Westwood Reading time: 7 mins As we move deeper into the imagine phase of the workshops, we learn from others, refine our ideas, and identify specific projects for the community. Building on our previous workshop in Westwood and delving deeper into the ‘imagine’ phase, the group divided into two to focus on … Read more

A community wealth building energy transition

News #1 By Eleanor Radcliffe & Laura Williams Reading time: 5 mins On the eve of COP26, and with the challenges we face in tackling the climate crisis becoming ever more apparent,  Carbon Co-op and CLES released a major new toolkit for councils, a community wealth building energy transition.   The toolkit shows that councils have a vital role to play in addressing the climate … Read more


SURVEY: SHAPE THE LOCAL LEAPS! Reading time: 1 mins In our workshops we’ve heard from our group members on what they’d like the future of energy to look like The group members told us that… Now we want to open up the floor to other living in the neighbourhood… How do you think that can … Read more

Workshop 5 Westwood: “Crafting a hundred year vision”

Three early themes began to emerge on the need for improved sustainable transport, a central hub providing advice on energy efficiency at home and increased renewable energy generation that could be located within and power the neighbourhood. Transport measures were top of the list with ideas for improving the cycle and walkability within the neighbourhood and connecting to Oldham, an e-scooter scheme, cheaper public transport options, traffic calming measures and a one-way Featherstall Road all shared.